Introducing Cloud VPS

We are happy to inform you that we are going to introduce Cloud VPS package as the first time in Sri Lanka. WebbyCity Network is the first Sri Lankan company which owns a OnApp powered cloud VDC (Virual Data Center).

What is Cloud?
The Cloud can quickly scale to thousands of servers to make resources available as they’re needed (Always Scalable).

Why should you choose our Cloud?
We are using a centralized storage architecture (SAN Storage), so if you ever encounter any hardware failure, all of your data will be migrated to standby nodes to make your websites up and running as fast as possible (Automatic Failover and Self Healing Technology).

Our Cloud VDC
Our cloud VDC is located in Los Angles USA and fully powered by OnApp true cloud platform. Each hypervisor comes with the following minimum hardware specifications;

  • Dual Intel Xeon CPU E5620
  • DDR3 1066 ECC RAM
  • RAID 10 Protected SAN Storage
  • Our Cloud features

  • Xen Visualization
  • Automatic Fail Over (Self Healing Technology)
  • Load balancing and Auto-Scaling
  • Content Delivery Network (contact us for more info)
  • Introducing Cloud VPS

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