COVID-19 Important Information

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COVID-19 Important Information

Staying connected has become more important today than it has ever been before. As the Corona virus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to develop, LKWebHosting team has taken measures to ensure the availability of the existing services and fulfill the demand for online services.

We’re here supporting you

During this very challenging time, we remain committed to provide continuous support in order to ensure your online service is always up and running. Due to the increased demand, we are running with reduced capacity. Please bear with us if you experience a delay when contacting us. Please make sure you include all the required information in your support tickets/emails to assist you faster/better [How to get the fastest support for your technical support inquiries?] and please make sure you utilize the self service tools like our knowledgebase for a fast resolution.

New orders and on-boarding support

The need for the online solutions has become critical for most of the businesses during this crisis. Our sales and billing term is fully operational and we are accepting new orders. As on an online service provider, we have been utilizing online services/automation from the beginning and encouraging our users to do the same in order to reduce office visits, manual work and unnecessary operation expenditure. We are an incorporated private limited company in Sri Lanka and we have been providing services since 2009, you can fully rely on us for any small to enterprise grade hosting requirement for your online business.

To encourage businesses to adopt online services, we will be announcing offers and extended services like remote desktop services in this week (Please visit this page frequently for up to date offers/offerings ). You can always reach out to us via [email protected] to discuss about your requirements and we are committed to provide all the solutions you need for the lowest possible price.

Payments and exemptions

We fully understand the difficulties you face when you have to settle a payment, but you cannot go to the bank. We accept multiple online payment methods including credit/debit card and mobile wallet payments in LKR without any additional fee. If you register with Dialog Genie, you can also settle your payments via current and savings accounts (CASA) without online banking facility from your bank.

If you want an exemption due to a difficulty, please reach out to us via a ticket and we are more than happy to provide an exemption in order to prevent suspension/termination or any additional late/reactivation fee for the services directly offered/managed by us. However, monthly leased dedicated servers or generic TLDs (.com, .org, .net, etc.) are out of our control and we might not be able to provide an exemption. But you can reach out to us to see the options.

Please stay safe, stay well and stay connected.

COVID-19 Important Information

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