May Cloud Hosting Offer – Expired

Get unlimited cloud hosting with FREE Lifetime Domain name for just Rs.2800/annually –

What is Cloud Hosting?
The Cloud can quickly scale to hundreds of servers to make resources available as they’re needed (Always Scalable). We are using a centralized storage architecture (SAN Storage), so if you ever encounter any hardware failure, all of your data will be migrated to standby nodes to make your websites up and running as fast as possible (Automatic Failover and Self Healing Technologies).

What is the renewal fee?
The renewal fee is also Rs.2200/annually and it will never be changed. Your domain name will also be renewed with your hosting package without any additional cost.

Is the domain name free for life?
Yes! The domain name is free for life. Whenever you renew your hosting package, we will renew the domain name for FREE of charge.

More info –

May Cloud Hosting Offer – Expired

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